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The History of Meetings:

1st International Meeting in Brussels April 2012 chaired by Dr. F. Chantraine

2nd International Meeting in Amsterdam May 2012 chaired by Prof. J. Duvekot

3rd International Meeting in Berlin November 2012 chaired by Dr. T. Braun and Prof. W. Henrich

4th International Meeting in Reykjavik June 2013 chaired by Prof. H. Hardadottir

5th International Meeting in Paris November 2013 chaired by Dr. L. Marcellin

6th International Meeting in Stockholm June 2014 chaired by Prof. J. Langhoff-Roos

7th International Meeting in Nancy November 2014 chaired by Prof. O. Moriel

8th International Meeting in Oxford June 2015 chaired by Dr. S. Collins

9th International Meeting in Brussels February 2016 chaired by Dr. F. Chantraine

10th International Meeting in Prague October 2016 chaired by Prof. Dr. P. Calda 

11th International Meeting in Neaples March 2017 chaired by Prof. Dr. P. Martinelli and Dr. M. Morlando

1st IS-AIP / 12th  International Meeting in October Helsinki 2017 chaired by Dr Stefanovic 

2nd IS-AIP / 13th International Meeting in Oxford, Great Britain March 2018 chaired by Dr. S. Collins

3rd IS-AIP in Rotterdam, The Netherlands October 2018 chaired by Dr H. Duvekot and by Dr H. Van Beekhuizen 

4th IS-AIP in Berlin, Germany March 2019 chaired by Prof. Dr W. Henrich, Dr. T. Braun, Dr. A. Nonnemacher and K. v. Weizsäcker

5th IS-AIP in Vienna, Austria October 2019 chaired by Prof. Dr K. Chalubinski and Dr. P. Pateisky

1st IS-AIP Online Meeting April 2020

2nd IS-PAS Online Meeting March 2021

3rd IS-PAS Meeting in Brussels, Belgium November 2021 

4th IS-PAS Meeting in Poznan, Polan May 2022 

5th IS-PAS Meeting in Frankfurt, Germany October 2022

6th IS-PAS Meeting in Krakow, Poland May 2023

7th IS-PAS Meeting in Eupen, Belgium October 2023

8th IS-PAS Meeting in Athen, Greece May 2024