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To become an IS-PAS registered centre the following criteria must be fulfilled:


  • The centre has to demonstrate that it manages ≥ ten cases of PAS (grade 2-3) over a three-year period. Therefore the centre must return data collection forms for their last 5 cases of PAS including intraoperative picture documentation (IS-PAS_Data_Collecting_Form).
  • The centre has to provide information that all Ethical or IRB approvals as required by the respective national or local regulations or laws to share anonymous data with the IS-PAS database are in place (IS-PAS_Agreement_Form).
  • The centre must provide a CV for the designated person responsible for that centre.


Once these requirements have been satisfied the application will be considered and ratified by the board. The board meets usally once a month. The centre will then be added to the list of registered centres once the person responsible for that centre has signed the data agreement contract and paid the fee to register with the IS-PAS database. That centre will then enter the required data into the collaborative database. An IS-PAS registered centre can have an unlimited number of full members but only one vote will count from each centre whenever the general membership is called on to vote. (Minimum of one full member per centre is required). In order to remain a member they must attend at least 1 meeting per year (subject to Chairperson’s exemption in exceptional circumstances).


The membership fee is currently 75€ per year, payment instructions will follow after approval.

Applicants from low-income and low-middle income economies in accordance to the FIGO World Bank list of Economics, can apply for a reduced membership fee of 25€ per year. 




For membership application please use our online form an click here:



If you want to register as an additional member and the center you belong to is already registered, please fill out all the required fields in the Easy Verein application form, but upload empty pdfs stating, that the center has aready been registered and the documents have been uploaded before.




Supporting members are chosen by the board from among who are interested in the activities of the society and wish to provide financial support. Individuals, societies, foundations, pharma companies and industry motivated to financially support research and dissemination of knowledge regarding placenta accreta spectrum disorders are welcome.

Please use this form if you would like to send us a message or ask for further details.





Eine E-Mail senden

All correspondence can also be sent to: IS-PAS, Department of Obstetrics, Charité University Berlin, Campus Virchow, Augustenburger Platz 1, 13353 Berlin, Germany